What is Freedom RF Technologies?

I expand, improve, and monitor regional wireless capabilities in the Howard County, MD area. The primary focus of my work is in the installation and operation of wireless nodes, or hotspots, that provide data transmission and communication services on the Helium Network. What is the Helium Network The Helium Network is a decentralized wireless alternativeContinue reading “What is Freedom RF Technologies?”

LongFi RF (Helium) Equipment Deployments

This is a typical LongFi Antenna installation. The benefit of the technology is in its low cost, low power requirements, and small form factor. There is very little building modification or infrastructure needed to make a site functional. There are a hundred different ways to install a node. Every location poses different scenarios. Is itContinue reading “LongFi RF (Helium) Equipment Deployments”

It’s the People’s Network

Yes, the idea that drives the Helium network is based on giving everyone in the world access to a shared network and benefitting from participating in the growth and management of that network. Not only is the Helium network an innovation breeding ground, but it’s also built on blockchain technology that has programmed-in financial rewardsContinue reading “It’s the People’s Network”